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The Different Types of Sun Shade

Shade Types & Shade StylesA sun shade can be a novel way of creating cool shelter during the hot summer months.

You can also use a sunshade creatively to cut down on energy costs.The best way to achieve this is by installing exterior shades to block sunlight from streaming into your home through windows.

This way you do not have to keep the air conditioner running and your rooms will be cooler. Retractable shades come in different sizes and it wise to measure your windows to avoid buying a smaller shade.

Below are the five most common types of sun shade available.

Sun Shade Styles

Canopy sun shades are large shades that resemble a tent and held in place by a frame from the ground up. Patio canopies will not be entirely supported by a frame but may be attached to a house as a wall mount. You can use a canopy to create a large shaded space easily.

The awning sun shade is a retractable style of shade shade that has a light plastic or aluminum frame used to support the fabric. Installing awnings is a great way of providing extensible shades to cover windows or doors. If money is not an issue, you can install remote controlled awnings that will retract automatically in the event of strong winds or rain.

The umbrella sun shade is a large solar umbrella which you can erect over tables or outdoor sun lounges. An umbrella is the most basic type of shade and is very easy to erect without making any structural changes to your house. The only disadvantage is a limited area under the shade.

The structure of a pergola shade is made up of a wooden structure with an open roof. The roof is a wooden array of beams with gaps for sunlight to filter in. this provides partial cover from the sun but the intensity is cut down significantly.

The popularity of pergolas can be traced to this characteristic which allows you to enjoy the sun without fully exposing yourself.

There are many ways you can benefit from installing a sun shade. Any of these sun shade styles will protect you from harmful ultra violet rays. In addition, manufactures have come up with a wide range of beautiful styles and colors from which to choose.

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